Are you at risk for Repetitive Stress Disorder?

A number of workers are suffering from repetitive stress disorder (RSD). One in every eight Americans have been diagnosed with this disease because over 60% of the jobs’ primary functions are a direct root.

What jobs cause RSD?

  • Office Workers: The continual typing, sitting and staring at a computer screen without breaks causes a large number of injuries in the average office worker. Most injuries occur in wrists, elbows, and hands.
  • Grocery Baggers: The repetition of scanning barcodes thousands of times a shift causes a large number of hand, arm and neck injuries in this occupation.
  • Assembly Line Workers: Each job is different in an assembly line, but the repetition of a task is constant among all assembly line workers. This causes a large number of injuries in all areas of the body.
  • Mechanics: Mechanics are often working in poor posture positions or positions that are awkward to maneuver in. This causes a large amount of injuries and RSD for these individuals.

What are the symptoms of RSD?

Most of the time RSD is mild. The symptoms begin as a small amount of pain and advance into an injury. This condition mostly affects the upper-body of an individual. Symptoms include: pain or aching, throbbing, numbness, weakness, cramping or stiffness in a muscle or joint.

How to prevent RSD?

In order to prevent this disease, individuals should take frequent breaks and stretch out their muscles. This technique, though, will only help short term. To see long-term results, ergonomics should be used to help combat this problem. There are a multitude of products designed to help individuals interact with their environment with minimal physical injuries.

Chairs are being designed by ergonomic-based companies that comfortably place individuals into the proper seated position. Keyboards are designed to reduce the likelihood of carpal tunnel syndrome, a type of RSD. There are also ergonomic training systems that can be implemented in businesses to help their employees battle RSD.
To read more take a look at NOLO’s article on RSD.


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