Workplace Ergonomics: Saving Money and Lives

The average employee in America loses up to two hours of productivity a day from distractions, poor workflow design, and physical discomfort. Businesses who use ergonomics to design their workplace increase efficiency, reduce costs, and are more profitable.

The scientific study of work, ergonomics, states a workplace will not be successful if the limitations and capabilities of each worker are not assessed before the workflow design process.

For example, The Comfortable Seat designs ergonomic furniture, including chairs, foot rests, and keyboard trays. The chairs are manufactured once the pain-points on an employee, related to posture and interaction with their workstations, are identified. By reducing physical discomfort for the individual, the company they work for profits from the increased productivity.

Jobs incorporating any of these functions have the highest risk of ergonomic problems:

  • High Task Repetition
  • Forceful Exertions
  • Repetitive/Sustained Awkward Postures

In order for a business to save the most money, ergonomics should not be an after-thought. Some simple solutions include:

  • Engineering Controls: Analyze job functions with digital human modeling software. The program will evaluate human performance and provide the best possible ergonomic solutions.
  • Job Rotation: Reduce the duration of each workplace station.
  • Stretch Breaks: Implement stretch breaks for employees for the opportunity to increase circulation.
  • Proper Training: If the job requires heavy lifting, make sure employees know the proper techniques when handling equipment.



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